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Retrofitting a Commodore Amiga 500.
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Retrofitting your old unit is not cheap in fact all you really start with is an empty case and keyboard which unfortunately neither are compatible at all with todays Technology so be prepared to spend as much as you would or more than normal for a  custom build PC especially  if your using Brand new components.
Amiga 500 Retrofit
Stage 1

The first thing on the list is a going to be a good case that is structurally in the best condition possible. The usual yellowing can be rectified using a very special Retro Bright process I will cover in another section.

Once you have your case prepared its moving on to Stage 2 of the build which will require careful planning
Case Preperation
I'm going with the  Amiga 500 a its a good case to mod. It has a reasonable  amount of room for variation of layout.
Stage 2

This is where things are going to get a little more complex and require a steady hand, Lots of patience and a strong nerve. The Back plate needs to be as perfect a fit as possible for the most professional look.

You will need to mark out the area you wish your board to fit and then use a dremal to cut out the area marked Cut Inside your marks by a few millimetres at you will need to use a hand file until you get that perfect  snug fit.
Board Preperation
Stage 3

For the Motherboard Installation I will be using some brass motherboard standoffs which will give a more professional sturdy build and I have gone with a low profile mini ITX Motherboard rather than an old Laptop motherboard which I have seen used with not so good results.

Moving on to stage 4  I will be adding the rest of the components including Keyboard and  then on to the final stages .
Board Installation
HDD Installation
Stage 4

For best results and efficiency I will be using a Kingston 120 Gig SSD Hard drive which runs Windows 10 and Amiga Emulation at a much greater speed.

I decided to tuck it under the keyboard as this may allow for expansion later. I used Fan grills to cover the existing holes allowing more ventilation . The final stage will be Windows installation and testing.
Card Reader
Alternative Addon

I decided to attempt to fit a card reader where the floppy drive was located as an after thought. This meant cutting out a little more of the case in that area to enable it to look acceptable.

I selected a particular model that came with various colour fronts so I could at least use a cream version meaning it would blend in reasonably well with the case .
The Amiga 500 Evolution

For myself I have chosen  Windows 10 as the main Operating System mainly because I want to use it as a normal Desktop but also have the benefit of running and emulating an Amiga Workbench environment along with all the games whether AGA or not .

I am also not limited to Amiga as I can also emulate the Commodore 64. Both 9 pin Joystick ports are fully compatible with Vice and Winuae  so I'm really getting a full on Retro experience.